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Reconciliation Action Plan


At Edinburgh College, our commitment to educating and paying our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is steadfast. We actively engage in significant cultural events like NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week, fostering an environment of unity and understanding. Our dedication extends beyond these special weeks, as we embed the rich culture and heritage of the Wurundjeri people into our curriculum, ensuring that every student gains a deeper appreciation of their history and traditions. This integration enhances our educational approach, enriching art, literacy, geography through maps, and numeracy, allowing our students to explore these subjects with a newfound level of cultural awareness and respect. We believe in celebrating the diversity and heritage that makes our country unique and continue to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation and understanding.

We recognise that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are the Traditional Owners of the land and that reconciliation is an important part of healing and fostering a shared understanding. Edinburgh College is committed to working together with local communities to achieve Reconciliation through the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan.
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Blue Tree

The Blue Tree Project is an initiative that started in Australia where people paint trees with bright blue paint to start important conversations about how everyone feels inside. These blue trees help us talk openly about feelings and why it's okay to ask for help when we're not feeling our best.

It's all about making sure everyone knows that it's okay to feel sad or worried sometimes. The blue trees remind us to talk about these feelings and support each other. It's like a big, colorful reminder that we're all in this together and that asking for help is important.

The blue trees bring communities closer and help us understand that taking care of our feelings is just as important as taking care of our bodies. They're like big, friendly reminders to be kind to ourselves and others when it comes to how we feel inside.

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