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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

A wide range of learning

In Prep, we have a deep-rooted passion for nurturing young minds. We understand that before children can embark on their academic journey, they must first feel comfortable in their school environment. The initial year of schooling is an adjustment not only for the children but for their families as well, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our Prep team is committed to fostering a warm and supportive atmosphere, allowing children the freedom to explore, make mistakes, and learn. We value open communication, ensuring that you, as parents, are well-informed and actively involved in your child's educational journey. Our primary objective is to cultivate a community of students who exhibit compassion and generosity towards their peers, fostering an environment where young learners can truly thrive.

Transition Program

At our school, the transition from Kindergarten to Prep is not just a change in grade; it's a carefully orchestrated journey. We offer a dedicated transition program designed to help students ease into their new school environment with confidence and excitement. We firmly believe that children adjust better when they have opportunities to engage in unfamiliar settings and gain valuable practice with the support of their teachers and peers. In this transition, our Prep students become leaders and mentors to the Kindergarten students, sharing the knowledge they've acquired and embracing responsibilities with open hearts. Prep marks a significant step forward, as these youngsters become the "big kids" in our school community. Activities during this transitional period may include joint excursions and incursions, outdoor adventures at our beloved bush kinder, or simply immersing themselves in crafts and activities within the classroom of the day. Through these experiences, we foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging that sets the tone for a fulfilling educational journey.

Synthetic Phonics

Our synthetic phonics program prioritises accuracy over speed, emphasising the importance of strong, deep-rooted literacy skills in encoding and decoding. We open up the world of literacy through our program, teaching children the relationships between spoken language sounds (phonemes) and written language symbols (graphemes). This systematic, evidence-based approach ensures students build a solid foundation for language proficiency by singing, alliterating, blending, and writing the English language.


In our approach to teaching mathematics, we firmly believe that math is more than just numbers on paper; it's a living, breathing part of our world. We encourage students to see math as a dynamic, active, and ever-present element of their daily lives. Whether it's finding patterns in the playground games, counting leaves on trees, or collaborating with peers on math challenges, the excitement comes from the realization that math isn't confined to the classroom—it's everywhere! We aim to ignite that spark of curiosity and help children discover that math is a language that can be spoken not just with 1's and 0's, but with the vibrant and interconnected world around them. By making math a hands-on, engaging experience, we empower our young learners to explore the endless possibilities and applications of mathematics in their everyday adventures.

Integrated Studies

In Integrated Studies, our young learners embark on an exciting journey of inquiry and discovery. We encourage them to pose questions, make predictions, and investigate the world around them using their senses. They delve into the fascinating realms of families, important celebrations, and commemorations, gaining a deeper understanding of their own culture and traditions, as well as those of others. Our exploration extends to familiar and special places, igniting curiosity about the diverse world we live in. We also peer into the natural world, examining the external features of plants and animals, and understanding the intricate mechanisms that drive them. Through these studies, we unveil the mysteries of how things move and the factors that influence their abilities, fostering a sense of wonder and a thirst for knowledge in our youngest learners.


Our primary objective is to instil timeless values such as kindness, forgiveness, humility, generosity, patience, and self-control through the captivating stories found within its pages. We delve into the lives of biblical characters, helping students understand their challenges and triumphs. By exploring these narratives, we encourage our students to relate them to their own lives, particularly in the context of their interactions on the playground and in their everyday experiences. We aim to show how these age-old stories are not just tales of the past but hold valuable lessons that can be applied in our modern world. Through these stories, we guide our young learners in developing the moral compass and empathy they need to make the world a better place, one act of kindness, forgiveness, or generosity at a time.

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Join us for a special "Teddy Bears Picnic" at Edinburgh College! Your 4-year-old kinder students are invited to a fun-filled afternoon of bush exploration and storytelling, celebrating nature and learning.

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