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3 year old program


Developing our next generation

Children develop a love of learning through engaging in activities such as music and movement, craft, group play, indoor/outdoor exploration, storytime, community activities and Phonics. We also include teachings of Bible stories through the Early Encounters program.

Our monthly program is written based on the interests of the children. This play-based program follows a structured daily routine that helps the children feel safe and secure. Children are encouraged daily to use their manners and are reminded that sharing is caring, our hands are for helping and not for hurting, and we speak to please and not to tease.

Some of our programmed activities

  • Phonics: A pre-literacy program that introduces the children to all 26 letters of the alphabet. Children learn the sound of each letter and how to identify each letter.
  • Circle Time: A daily activity that helps develop language and communication skills as well as self confidence.
  • Kinder Cow: An introduction to show and tell. Children take turns looking after kinder cow for a week at home. They share their kinder cow adventures during show and tell, beginning term 2.
  • Wider Campus: We are lucky to have access to the primary and secondary schools facilities which include the primary playground, basketball court and oval, as well as the secondary library and bush track. Children learn about road safety on daily walks during terms 2 and 3.
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