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Year 9 challenge

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Year 9 Challenge

We believe that we cannot grow without challenges, and through them we learn.

Year 9 Challenge Expeditions

  • Intro hike at Murrindindi
  • Four-day Grampians + Wilson's Prom hike
  • One-day canoe training
  • Five-day paddling journey
  • Etiquette day
  • Four-day service trip (includes rafting)- Mitta Mitta River
  • Five-day Alpine hike
  • City amazing race

What is Year 9 Challenge?

The Challenge is a year-long program for Year 9 students to assist in the development of their lives to becoming a Man or a Woman of God. It operates like a subject and fits into a subject slot, but it is a way of teaching a journey of challenges, activities, camps and activities to promote resilience, responsibility and respect with a Christian focus.

The class is run every Wednesday on a two-week rotation. One week we have four periods in a row, and often these are used for practical activities such as hiking, canoeing, city challenge etc. On the other Wednesday, we have a single class that is used for discussions and team building. There is usually a theme that is developed surrounding the groups mentioned below over each of the four terms in the school year:

  • Identity and character
  • Teamwork & communication
  • Values
  • Godly living