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Edinburgh College






4 year old program

A safe, nurturing environment

Our 4yo Kinder program builds on the 3yo program. We aim to provide an environment where each child feels they are valued and that they belong. Our program aims to develop the whole child with a particular focus on each child’s social/emotional development. This important year in a child’s life will be celebrated and our program aims to foster a life long love and curiosity of learning.

Our play based program is based on the emerging interests of the children and is a combination of child initiated and intentional teaching, in order to prepare the children for their journey of learning. The children are taught that they are unique, loved and part of God’s Family.

We use the Early encounters program to teach Bible stories, foster an understanding in each child about the values taught by Jesus such as loving and serving others. In order to foster interest and engage the children in being apart of a wider community our program includes many specialist activities. It also helps provide a smooth transition to school.


Our programmed activities


Children have the opportunity to engage in games, songs, activities which encourage skills such as counting, number identification, grouping, patterning, shape and measurement.


Phonics (a program which introduces the children to all 26 letters of the alphabet. We learn the sound of each letter, how to identify each letter and begin to use the letters we have learnt.) All About Me (each child has a turn at taking home the show and tell bag and sharing with the friends at kinder).


Children will have the opportunity to engage in many cooking experiences throughout the year.

Incursions / Excursions

Throughout the year we will have various incursions / excursions with the aim of extending and consolidating our learning within the kinder program as well as engaging with our families and the wider community.

Wider Campus

We are blessed to be a part of a wider community at Edinburgh Early Learning Centre. We have access to both the primary and secondary schools facilities and regularly use the primary playground, basketball court, and oval. We take part in many specialist programs throughout the wider school. These include:

  • Chapel
  • Gymnastics (tri-skills program)
  • Information and Computer Technology
  • Lote (Weekly Mandarin classes)
  • Weekly Buddies Program
  • Bush Kinder (term 3)
  • Music Lesson
  • Weekly Library Sessions
  • Monthly Visits to Lilydale Aged Care
  • Transition to School Program
  • Graduation Ceremony