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Lower Primary


Years 1 & 2

In Year 1 and 2 we want to develop a love of learning combined with learning that lasts a lifetime.

Learning through God's creation

Through every lesson in Years 1 and 2, we experience God’s creation and His perfect plan of Salvation for each of us. We learn through 'Promise Club' that God is trustworthy.

He keeps His promises and never lets us down. This learning continues into 'Son Seeker Safari' where we come to understand that God is close to us wherever we are. We become investigators of the animal kingdom by observing the lifecycles of minibeasts. Eggs hatch into caterpillars, caterpillars grow and seek refuge in a chrysalis and butterflies spread their wings for the first time. As Minibeasts are released into blue skies, the process then starts all over again.

We visit history and step back in time to see what life was like for parents and grandparents and predict what life might be like for students in the future. We visit Como House and Mont De Lancey and compare it to life today. We also look at places that are important to us and our country.

We become scientists and observe how materials change when we push and pull them and melt or freeze them.

We become water workers, learning about the water cycle and conservationists and how to look after our resources. We become postal workers, delivering mail and doctors, learning about how our bodies work and how we can keep them healthy and safe.

We develop relationships with Year 3 and 4 students as part of the 'buddy program'. This core part of the program allows time to read together, play, make crafts and form supportive friendships.

We celebrate our extended families by inviting grandparents to on-campus events and sharing our learning with exhibitions. Parents join in as we share afternoon tea, dinner and games afternoons which all include serving with our best smile, lovely manners and a great attitude.

In Years 1 and 2, we aim to make our classrooms a fun learning environment where children are willing to learn and are resilient, respectful and responsible.

We’re not afraid to ask the 'big questions' and encourage children not only to find the answers but to also find out the why.