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Out of School Hours Care

Out of School Hours Care Program

The OSHC program facilitates care for children outside of school hours. In the morning this is between 7am and 8:45am, and in the afternoon this is between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm. The OSHC program also runs vacation care during school holidays provided the Early Learning Centre is open. The Out of School Hours program caters for the needs of primary aged children and includes a range of activities in an indoor and outdoor setting.

On arrival at the Multi-Purpose Centre in the mornings, breakfast is available to children before 8am. In the afternoons, the children are given afternoon tea before settling into their various activities. During vacation care, both morning and afternoon tea is provided.

If your child has any particular interest, please encourage them to communicate this to the staff so that we can include this in our program planning. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the staff regarding any requirements for their child’s individual homework needs if they require their child to complete their homework or if they need any help.

This program runs from the Edinburgh College Primary Multipurpose Hall. There will be access to an iPad to sign your child in and out at the hall. If you have a child/ren at the EELC and a child/ren at After School Care, we recommend that you park at either the school or the EELC, and walk to collect both children. Please don’t sign both/all children in and out from the one iPad. Sign your child/ren in or out of the ELC and then your other school aged child/ren from the iPad at the school hall.


School Age
Before School Care (permanent) $24 per session
Before School Care (casual) $27 per session
After School Care (permanent) $29 per session
After School Care (casual) $32 per session
Vacation Care/Student Free Days $105* per day
Please note a late fee will be charged for children collected after 5.30pm $1.00 per minute

*generally includes all activities and excursions

All fees have been structured to include educational activities and expenses, which are part of our programmed day. Fees include a hat for the summer months, all crafts, special classroom shows and gifts which the children make for Mother’s and Father’s Day, plus healthy breakfast for children attending between 7:00am and 8:00am, morning and afternoon snacks.

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