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Enrolment Process

The process

Below is our simple 8-step process for how to enrol your child at Edinburgh Christian College

Edinburgh College is open to enrolment from students of all backgrounds, and welcomes all families who embrace the College's ethos and objectives.

1. Request information from Edinburgh

The first step to Enrolling your child at Edinburgh College is a request for information. A member of staff will contact you to provide more information about Edinburgh College.

2. Tour of Edinburgh College

This is conducted by Heads of School or the Principal. The tour takes approximately 30 minutes and includes:

• Tour of campus and facilities
• Values, Christian commitment, finances
• Commitment to the goals and ethos of the school

Please bring your children along with you on the tour.

3. Complete an Edinburgh Enrolment Form

The enrolment form must be received along with all supporting documentation (including school reports, NAPLAN result summary, immunisation certificates, birth certificate and any special medical or supporting education learning data).

Children entering Kindergarten must turn 5 years of age before April 30. Children who turn 5 after April 30, but before July 30, may be assessed and considered for Enrolment at the discretion of the Enrolment Committee.

4. Payment of Enrolment Deposit

Payment of the $400 enrolment fee needs to be lodged before a trial day and in school assessment can be set.

Special Note: $250 will go towards fees if successful or $250 will be returned to the applicant if unsuccessful.

View our fees.

5. Trial Day & Testing

A trial day is set up at the family’s earliest convenience. This trial day will help all parties to determine if this is the right school for the children. It is a good way to see if your child enjoys the class, their fellow students and the routine of the day.

On the trial day, we will conduct several small tests on your child/ren to help determine if there are any learning needs of which the school needs to be made aware.

6. College Council Submission

All enrolment forms, reports and trial day information need to be submitted to the College Council. They will make the final decision on your child’s application for enrolment.

7. Acceptance Letter

Upon approval from the College Council, an acceptance letter will be sent to families. This letter will outline a start date for your child/ren. School uniforms may be purchased anytime after this acceptance letter is received.

8. Deregistration Process

A full term’s notice is required when informing Edinburgh College that your child/ren are requesting deregistration from our school.

Our community

The educational activities of the College are designed to provide opportunities for all student to achieve their maximum development intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically.

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