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Middle Primary


Years 3 & 4

In Year 3 and 4, we want students to think deeply about their place in the world and how the decisions and actions that they make can influence the well-being of our planet. We want students to develop a love for learning and a curiosity for discovering more about the world in which they live, in addition to embracing such values as respect, responsibility and resilience.

Developing young minds to their full potential

In Year 3 we aim to make our classroom a place where children love learning, develop to their full potential and have the opportunity to know God.

We learn about what it means to be healthy and to lead a healthy lifestyle and how to take care of the bodies that God designed for us. Students learn to make healthy food choices, to enjoy cooking and develop their own recipe book. We visit a local berry farm where we enjoy picking and tasting berries and learn about the importance of seasonal eating. We also learn about the importance of hydration for our bodies through an exciting and interactive incursion with Yarra Valley Water.

We celebrate the various cultures in our country and world when we explore how and why people celebrate their unique histories, cultures and identities.

In our Kitchen Chemistry unit, we become scientists and explore the subject of heat transfer by being introduced to the character, apprentice chef Pierre, who needs the assistance of students to solve some problems he encounters in his kitchen.

We step back in time in our visit to Lilydale Museum and Gulf Station, where we experience how our community has changed over time and explore why we remember significant events of the past. We also look at the importance of country and place to the Indigenous people of our local area.

We enjoy visits from Australian animals as part of our study on the features of living things, and investigate the different ways we can classify them.

We learn about the wonder of God’s creation when we learn about night and day and how our Earth spins on its axis. We visit Scienceworks and participate in their educational, interactive experiences in the Planetarium, where they view the path of the Sun and why different parts of the earth experience different seasons. We create and test sundials and explore our changing shadows.

Our curriculum and procedures encourage the development of the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical aspects of the whole person. We work with you as a parent to help your child reach their full potential. It is our hope that as we work together to inspire the children in our care, the College will continue to be a place where they love to learn, feel safe and are nurtured each and every day.
- Tanya Pascoe - Head of Primary

Year 4 program

In Year 4, we discover how different forces interact and help to make objects move. We have a lot of fun designing and making a parachute that uses forces to carry a raw egg safely to the ground without breaking it. Our visit to Scienceworks helps us to understand how forces are used in simple machines and in a roller coaster engineer workshop.

We explore why early European explorers, who discovered Australia, travelled the world extensively and the importance of getting along with people everywhere. Our fascinating visit to Polly Woodside helps us to imagine what it was like to travel on a ship and explore new lands a long time ago. We also visit Cooks’ Cottage to discover what life was like in the home of Captain James Cook’s parents.

Our study on why the earth’s surface changes over time involves our responsibility for the consequences of human activity. This is enhanced by our visit to the Melbourne Museum to look at the display of rocks from around the world and the impact of an erupting volcano on the landscape. We get to enjoy watching a 3D movie about the fascinating lifecycle of a monarch butterfly at the iMAX theatre when we study about lifecycles and the co-dependence between animals and plants. Once again, we get to discover how humans have a vital part to play in the survival of our planet.

Years 3 and 4 combine together to learn and improve their skills in Sport and ICT on a weekly basis.

Year 4 joins students from Years 5-12 in the Edinburgh College Athletics Carnival this year.

Year 4 students participate in the "buddy program' with Year 2 buddies where they form supportive friendships and partake in activities, games and craft together.